Introducing Yuser!


We are excited to announce Yuser as our first firm of 2019. 

Yuser is a media sharing app with a gamified engine that lets users reward each other’s content in collectible gems that can be subsequently spent on marketplace items. Yuser is pioneering the use of blockchain within the social networking space to fairly reward content creators. Users can also participate in viral challenges and win prizes.


Despite being an early-stage startup, Yuser has already secured some major global technology partners and advisors.

Sign up for the app and let us know what you think.


RHA News

Over the last year our firms CurlingZone, Factory Bucket, sisterhood media and Visitor Queue have all show an amazing amount of growth.

  • Using analytics, CurlingZone helped the Swedish women's and USA men's curling team win gold at the 2018 Olympics. CurlingZone is continuing to work with top curling teams and is the go to place for curling scores and statistics.

  • Visitor Queue has built out their development team, which has allowed them to launch several enhancements and new features to their system. They have hired 4 new staff in the last 6 months and have over 600% annual recurring revenue growth.

  • Factory Bucket has been able to improve their adaptive scheduler and smart forms. They have added new customers and have over 160 new users. They currently have a growing team, with 16 staff and 400% annual recurring revenue growth.

  • sisterhood media is focusing on continuing to produce and distribute moving media for and by marginalized communities. Their latest series kaleidoscope stories are available on YouTube.

Visit or email for more information!