Our Firms

We're excited to count these firms amongst our partners in success. We'll let their stories speak for themselves.


CurlingZone (2018)

CurlingZone is an innovative sports media and communication leader, operating the world’s most popular network of online resources for curlers and curling fans.


Factory Bucket (2018)

Factory Bucket is building new technology in step with the “Industry 4.0” movement currently sweeping the manufacturing industry. They focus on replacing highly manual or antiquated legacy ERP systems with modern, easy-to-use software tailored to the manufacturing sector across the globe. 


Hometown ag (2019)

Hometown Ag is dedicated to helping farmers innovate to generate higher yields & profitability. They are focused on accelerating the adoption of precision agriculture technologies.


sisterhood media (2018)

sisterhood media is a media platform streaming short films and documentaries for and by people from marginalized groups. Their work aims to spark discussions on identity and community through audio and visual stories, encouraging viewers to support spectacular filmmakers on a platform that cares. sisterhood media strives to make an impact in the film industry by really asking the question: what if media looked like us? Follow the journey on social media @sisterhoodmedia.



Visitor Queue is an advanced B2B lead generation software that identifies the name, contact details, and user data of the businesses that visit your website. This information is made available via their web-based dashboard, API, or integrations with leading CRMs and marketing automation platforms. Thousands of companies across the globe use Visitor Queue to help grow their business.


Yuser (2019)

Yuser is a media sharing app with a gamified engine that lets users reward each other’s content in collectible gems that can be subsequently spent on marketplace items. Yuser is pioneering the use of blockchain within the social networking space to fairly reward content creators. Users can also participate in viral challenges and win prizes. Despite being an early-stage startup, Yuser has already secured some major global technology partners and advisors.