We were founded by entrepreneurs and business leaders who saw the need for a more sustainable business ecosystem to help growth stage companies in and around the London, Ontario region. Click the play button below to hear from our founders as to why we started the RH Accelerator.


David Billson

David Billson is presently the CEO of rTraction. He brings 20 years of experience with running a technology firm, helping hundreds of clients and successfully helping to launch several VC funded initiatives. 

Joe Dales

Joe Dales is a co-founder of Farms.com Ltd., a company that provides innovative products to the global agriculture and food industry.  Joe is an innovative business leader that has extensive sales, marketing, management, finance, technology and governance experience.   

Brian Foster

Brian co-founded InnoSoft and is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the business, running the sales, finance, and back-office operations at our London, ON headquarters. Brian is an established leader in sports and recreation management, and an experienced tech entrepreneur. 


The RH Accelerator was in turn accelerated by these founding organizations that assisted in getting the accelerator up and running. We're grateful for their support!


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