What the Roundhouse Accelerator Does

RH Accelerator (RHA) provides early stage venture support and funding.  Our objective is to get you to the point where the business is impressive enough to raise money when we introduce you to later stage investors.

Roundhouse Accelerator Provides More Than Money.

Roundhouse Accelerator Inc. (RHA), makes small investments in return for small stakes in the companies we partner with.  Our RA venture investors supply some combination of money and help.  Often, money is by far the smaller component of the investment and many of our companies don’t require financial support. 

The most important thing we do is work with companies on their ideas and business.

We are technology founders ourselves and we have learned how to build companies and provide innovative products and services customers want. 

Roundhouse Accelerator founders will have access to valuable entrepreneurial experience and a network of customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders.

The second most important thing we do is help founders deal with investors and acquirers.

We can make introductions, but that part is easy. We spend much more time teaching founders how to pitch their companies to investors, and how to close a deal once they’ve generated interest. In the second phase we supply not just advice but protection; potential investors are more likely to treat you well if you come from RA, because how they treat you determines whether in the future we’ll steer deals toward or away from them.

We can help companies we invest in, become incorporated properly with all the standard paperwork, avoiding legal time-bombs that could cause serious hassles and delays later. We introduce founders to lawyers who will often agree to defer payment or invest for legal work. We can help companies find and hire their first employees. We can help with intellectual property questions, like what to patent, and when. One of the least publicized things we do, for obvious reasons, is mediate disputes between founders.

The kind of advice we give literally can’t be bought, because anyone qualified to give it are already successful technology founders and investors. You can only get it from patient investor partners.